What you will learn with this Book

  • Discover New Countries Now Online For Software Outsourcing

    India still has great talent for software development but new countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Latin America

  • Outsource to Get Innovation in Your Software Apps

    Learn how to find a service firm that will truly innovate to achieve your end goal and not just code

  • A 3 Step Process for Selecting the Best Software Development for Your Needs

    How to Source, Screen and Select, and the details of each step to find the optimal software development company with the expertise you require

  • Gauge the Performance of your Offshore Team

    Use the metrics that measure productivity, quality and value. Sometimes paying too little can be worse that paying too much

  • Overcome Cultural Communications Barriers

    It's not just English ability but an awareness of the way people say (or not say!) things in different countries so you can avoid painful surprises

  • Fiercely Protect Your Intellectual Property

    Use the agreements, copyrights and protections you need to own and keep your ideas, code and IP.

Whether it's your first time or you just want to get it right this time, this book puts software development outsourcing success so easily within your reach.
Steve Bengston,
Expanding an organization offshore is non-trivial. Software without Borders proved to be an indispensable guide to my company in our search for the right offshore partner.
D. Hoffman
Overall Software without Borders has a good practical feel to it; the author is able to give many good insights from personal experience as well as current examples.
Emmy B. Gengler

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Who Should Read This Book?

This book will show you step by step how to avoid the costly and painful mistakes made by others and ensure that your outsourcing is a success.

  • CIOs or IT managers responsible for application development
  • CEOs, CTOs, or VPs of engineering or product development
    who are responsible for creating software products
  • VPs of product marketing and product managers working
    with customers and engineers to design and implement software
    products and applications
  • Programmers and software developers who need to understand the
    forces of outsourcing and how it will affect their career
  • Outsourcing executives who want to understand the business
    from a client's perspective

About the Author

Accelerance CEO Steve Mezak has extensive experience integrating in-house and global outsourced software development teams, producing dramatic cost and time savings in every case.

He is a veteran of six startups, including Aspect Development (sold to i2 for $9 Billion) and Digital Market (sold to Agile Software for $75 Million). Steve has served in a variety of management and technical roles, including CTO and CEO. In addition, he has more than 25 years of software development experience, from writing software code to managing large software teams and budgets.

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